Friday, 23 March 2012

SNSD Live in KLCC , Malaysia !!!

Assalammualaikum and heyy ! today was the best ever day in my lifeee ! firstly , I've got medal for merentas taman , in the 4th place ! hahahah, and after Solat Jumaat Deana,Rahmi,Nizam,Alif,Adam and I were going to KLCC by LRT ,hahah,we're all arrive pukul 5.30 and we've been dying to see SNSD ,finally you're here, kitorang tunggu nak dekat 3 jam bhai !! pukul 6.30 p.m. gate buka for those yang ada ticket je boleh masuk,hmm,memang crowded gila nak mampussss ,boleh matii,hahah,and SNSD's perfomance start 8.30 after azan Isya'  .. hahah,aku perbepul gilaa,sampai habis 3 botol mineral,hahah,time start ramai gila lompat tembok/gate ,hahah !! ya Allah sumpah Daebakkk !! bila SNSD perfoms ! SNSD buat 6 lagu , first , diorang perfoms The Boys ,after that diorang greet and introduce themselves ,and and Sooyoung ,Seohyun cakap melayu !! Sooyoung "Terima Kasih , Malaysia !! " , Seohyun pula " Selamat Sejahtera ! " with korean accent ,omygeee aku gila excited and teruja bodoh ! lepastu diorang perform lagu Tell me your wish,Genie,Hoot,Mr.Taxi and Gee ! Tiffany cantik gilaaa wehhhh , tapi Yuri takde maybe dia busy with ' Fashion King ' , time Hyoyeon dance semua jeritt ! ,hahaha,kitorang pun join ar,sama2 nyanyi sekali ,hahaha , First time pergi concert,it was the best memory in my lifee ! Saranghaeyo So Nyeo Si Dae , Girls Generation , Taeyeon ,Tiffany , Jessica , Sunny , Hyoyeon , Sooyoung , Yoona , Seohyun  and Yuri although dia takde time concert , aku ada capture gambar sikit ,hahah ,see you soon GG ! 

SNSD !! xD

Sooyoung,Yoona !!

Tiffany ! <3


How crowded people on stadium

My friend's DSLR,freaking nice picture

Majority Chinese yang datang,hahha

KLCC waktu malam,so nicee

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