Wednesday, 28 December 2011

wow,strike '9' ! excited (:

yeah,I'm sooo tired todayy(yesterday) ,because my mom asked me to accompany her untuk inject Arisya ..after inject,kitorang makan dekat canteen ..then,tunggu ayah datang ,kitorang tunggu dalam wad(temapat kerja mak) .. kat situ,relaxed2 la,dah la sejuk ada aircond , lol xD ,then mak cakap ada free 'Klik magazine' dekat dalam satu cupboard , so,mak suruh ambil je la,if nak .. so,aku ambik la,banyak gila kot ..muahahaha ~ .. then pagi tadi(12.02 a.m./29-12-11) makngah suddenly IM , dia kata , dia tak balik Malaysia ,so,nak tunggu makngah balik bagi iPod or makngah bagi duit,Awesomeee gilaaaa .. xD , aku cakap,if nak bagi ,makngah beli generation yang mana,heheh? , lol,kurang asam kan xD ,yeah its happened on 29th dec, "9 again jyeahh!!" Alhamdulillah , but,I want 5th generation punya ..heheh,, :DDD

yeah ! this iPod 5th Generation , I want the blue one.. xD

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Thats number gave me everything (:

Heyy , Assalammualaikum , today like usual and my dad said , that he want to treat us tonight at Damansara makan steak !! ahah ,.malam tu, aku pakai baju jersey sweden number '9' ,and tiba2 mak cakap,suruh call acik Holiq sebab bagi present ,wahh ada gift la ! Thanxx a lot..and then,pergi rumah nenek untuk ambik hadiah,rupa2nya baju ! Baju Adidas,smart oh,aku sukaa ! Thanx very much I appreciate it .. xD ,then aku called acik holiq ..lepastu,kitorang gerak Damansara makan steakk !! sedaapppp ! yeah ! ,I'm so lucky tonight and it was 9 again I'm wearing jersey number 9 'Ibrahimovic' .. yeah ! Alhamdulillah ! chaw xD

Saturday, 24 December 2011

LyshaLicious xD

Heyheyhey .. ahah , Maybe today is the best day ! <3 ., one whole day , I'm chat with Alysha from pukul 3.00 p.m until 2.30 a.m , mula2 , kitorang chat through Facebook , and dia ada post status pasal "like this,if you want me to judge you,blablabla... " so,I'm like the status ,and dia post kat my wall .. then,she asked me to do that so,she can like it..and , aku ada tanda "Go on a World Tour with me ! <3 " then,she's comment  "JOMM !" ahah,look alike so excited je.. then,aku suruh dia buat twitter ..then,when she'd done , kitorang chat kat situ pula,.and2,dia bagi number phone lol, #sukasuka ..ahah,so,tomorrow dia pergi P.D with her aunty ,untunglah pegi keluar dengan family,aku stay alone duduk rumah je..hemm,and tengah2 malam , she had a problem with her Boyf (Aliff Adzlan) ..hah~ ,well,as usual I'm always being the middleman..Aliff asked me to text Alysha for apologise ..then she replied ,and diorang Sayang antara satu sama lain..hmm,well,actually aku taknak ada crush with her,sebab.well as you know me..I'm easy to be fall in a girl..haishh,..just be a Best Friend je la kot..but,if ada chance dengan Alysha,ahah..I'll go on la,.lol , maybe TAK MUNGKIN ..

Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Results (:

Alhamdulillah ~ (^.^)  I'm already got my PMR's Result and its 3A's , 4B's and a single C .. the A's is Bahasa Melayu , English and Agama ..erghh,Science C ? spoil gila siall..ahah,luckily English I got A ,its unbelieveable and unexpected .. lol ,.jealous much with Atirah,Syaza,Syida and Ashraf ..Syaza and Syida got 7A's (Wow !) , Atirah got 6A's , while Ashraf got it Strike A's (WoWW !) ..hahah,but tak kisah la berapa yang dapat just terima and redha je,.asalkan kita dah usaha and buat yang terbaik..sokey2,SPM ada lagi,hahah..and Mak andak gave me RM30 for 3A's,ahah Mak Uda will give me RM60 ,insyaAllah Mak Ngah will buy an ipod for me !!  Mak Usu will give a present for me..but,I dont know what is it,.My mum and Dad belanja 'A&W' tonight ..Alhamdulillah,ni semua atas my usaha and doa2 my parents,insyaAllah SPM nanti or next time, I'll do my BESTEST  ! Haeng-un (Goodluck) .. Faiz Hwaiting !! xD

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

FUCK OFF ! I didn't mean it :(

Heyy..dah lama tak update since balik kampung,.like usual , school holiday for sure,we'll Balik Kampung .. on 13th dec 2011 ,.it was my atuk and my sister's also Taylor Swiftt !! birthday..but I forget to wish her,..however,Mak andak and her husband and also his brother (Danial) bring along a cake ,some pizzas , ayam percik and others from Sungai Besar .. hahah .. yeah ..its quite good for me..lolz ,tiba-tiba..Atirah texted me,and she asked me out on this Saturday..heish..I'm 'pokai' already..and today,dah balik from kampung..recently IM with Ashrafil Taha (Aina's 'husband') and asking about our PMR Result..em,but a bit frustrated cause my crush showed her love to her Boyf ..and they said about "kiss" ..hmm .. how sad.. :((((

Friday, 9 December 2011

Sweet 9

Hey , its 9th of December .. I was quite happy , Firstly , my Mak andak and her husband were come back from Semporna,Sabah ..they brought some 'buah tangan' .. huhu .. (: .. Then , its about my crush .. xD ,Jyeahh !! we're WTW on FB ...its quite sweet ritee? .. lol , thts actually ,she had made my day ! hmm..but,she's taken,.I'll wait for you ! .. ..btw,the date ! .. its number 9 again .. my lucky number (kot) ..  and, tomorrow "Yay !! Balik Kampung !!" :D

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Brr -__-

Heishh .. School Holiday ,. damn boring .. please school come back faster .. but I have to waiting for my result first , feel like excited + tak confident + takut  .. haizzz .. hopefully more than 5A's ,cause I want DSLR Camera !! xD

Lalalalala -__-

Salam ,. malas ar nak cerita pasal Sunny .. boring,heheh,. :D

* pic ni time lepas beli ticket wayang .. Paranormal 3 .. xD

'Ami' couple..hahah..Rahmi and Ayu

Zaty ngan aku.. -___-

Safwan ,Rahmi , Ain & Ayu 

Syida , Zaty @ Atirah

Atirah @ Sunny ..hahah..muka suspicious

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Outing ! Outing ! (:

19-11-11 / Saturday / 1.47 a.m.

>> Sweet tak? ..wekk..hahah..perasan d: <<

  Hey ! Assalammualaikum !..Okay, this supposed to be post on my blog on 26.10.11, but I’m often buzy ,..heheh,well,this is about my ‘ex-secret Admire’ (Sunny) .. hahah.. on 26th October Sunny , Rahmi , Idayu , Ekin , Arif , Ain , Aqilah , Fitri , Syafiq , Syida , Izzati , Safwan and I were outing at The Curve ,.
   We must be at SMK Kelana Jaya ,before we goes to next destination, I thought on that day,that I’ll wearing a black/white shirt,..but,lately,I’ve chosen the blue one..we must be there by 10 a.m. ,my dad will sending me there,.when I was in a car,.I saw the 2 girls running out from BMW car (kot)..”hahah,tu mesti Ekin and Atirah” ..So I’m also following them to the nearest bus stop, cause Arif were waiting there,..
   And the most awkward thing is , “Atirah and I have a same colour shirt !! ..hahah..OMG,unbelieveable” yeah !,nice blue one,.We’re often late cause we waiting for the other members..After that,we walked by ‘Jejantas’ to the Fitri’s house,.he made an openhouse,.so,we must to take a breakfast..
    As we’re on our way to there,.emm..huhuh..that’s was so funny! “Selipar Ekin tercabuttt!!Bhahahahaha ..lawak bhaii !” ..that was quite Stupid..heheh..just kidding..Luckily, Arif ‘pimpin’ tangan Ekin..aww  <3 Romantic ! .. I’m superrr Jealous! You knowww!! .. 

To be Continued...

SNSD - The Boys (korean ver.)

jyeahh !! best gile oh ,dance and lagu gile .. Forever SNSD !! .. Girl's Bring the boys out !! .. ahahah.. :D

Yawww .. (:

There's nothing in my mind now..Borrringg .. -____- ..kbye

Friday, 25 November 2011

Medals oh Medals .. ;P

Yaw .. I'm so boring..but,'just now' ,I'm went out with my family to Giant(big) and dinner(only) ..but,okey ar..and now,nothing to do,so I'm counting my medals and achievements in sport..heheh .. xD

>>I had a 6 bronze , 2 silver and 8 gold<<
 ..okey,thats all,for today .. Annyeong ^,^
Onion Club - Onion Head - Onion-kun Onion Club - Onion Head - Onion-kun Onion Club - Onion Head - Onion-kun Onion Club - Onion Head - Onion-kun