Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Outing ! Outing ! (:

19-11-11 / Saturday / 1.47 a.m.

>> Sweet tak? ..wekk..hahah..perasan d: <<

  Hey ! Assalammualaikum !..Okay, this supposed to be post on my blog on 26.10.11, but I’m often buzy ,..heheh,well,this is about my ‘ex-secret Admire’ (Sunny) .. hahah.. on 26th October Sunny , Rahmi , Idayu , Ekin , Arif , Ain , Aqilah , Fitri , Syafiq , Syida , Izzati , Safwan and I were outing at The Curve ,.
   We must be at SMK Kelana Jaya ,before we goes to next destination, I thought on that day,that I’ll wearing a black/white shirt,..but,lately,I’ve chosen the blue one..we must be there by 10 a.m. ,my dad will sending me there,.when I was in a car,.I saw the 2 girls running out from BMW car (kot)..”hahah,tu mesti Ekin and Atirah” ..So I’m also following them to the nearest bus stop, cause Arif were waiting there,..
   And the most awkward thing is , “Atirah and I have a same colour shirt !! ..hahah..OMG,unbelieveable” yeah !,nice blue one,.We’re often late cause we waiting for the other members..After that,we walked by ‘Jejantas’ to the Fitri’s house,.he made an openhouse,.so,we must to take a breakfast..
    As we’re on our way to there,.emm..huhuh..that’s was so funny! “Selipar Ekin tercabuttt!!Bhahahahaha ..lawak bhaii !” ..that was quite Stupid..heheh..just kidding..Luckily, Arif ‘pimpin’ tangan Ekin..aww  <3 Romantic ! .. I’m superrr Jealous! You knowww!! .. 

To be Continued...

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